Monthly archives: September, 2013

Five iPhone Things You’ll Miss If You Switch Over To Android

iOS6′s tired, old staleness was one of the main reasons I switched over to Android. Now, a green iPhone 5c test device running iOS7 is making me seriously consider going back to iPhone. When I returned to my trusty Nexus 4, there were five major aspects that I missed dearly from using iOS7 on an

5 Ways the Leap Motion Controller Is Nothing Like The Video

  Last December, I stumbled on a YouTube video (above) about the Leap Motion Controller. It looked fantastic, and its $70 price tag (at the time, $80 now) made it an obvious purchase for the early adopter. How could I not pre-order it? After a few delayed release dates, I finally received it in late

Nexus 7 (2013) – Can It Dethrone My iPad Mini?

On a recent trip, I found myself packing two small tablets; the Nexus 7 and the iPad Mini. I thought this was ridiculous. Packing two small tablets totally negates the point of portability. And I would switch between one or the other, which made things confusing. Apart from all that, it’s just excessive to have

Top 5 Worst Things an Employee Can Do On Social Media

Think Before You Tweet – Venting on Social Media Could Get You Fired It seems unfair. What we do outside the office is our own business and employers shouldn’t be examining our personal lives. Unfortunately, no matter how strict your privacy settings, there is always a chance that your posts will reach unintended eyes. Our


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