3 New iPhones This Year? Maybe…

Apple may release three phones this year, and it makes sense. This trifecta includes a new iPhone 5S, which is about 99% certain. I’ve also been drowning in rumors about an iPhone with a larger screen than the 5 called the “iPhone Plus” along with a plastic iPhone that will come in iPod colors.

Many will associate these plastic iPhone whispers with the “cheaper” iPhone rumors. But it has been said that changing the shell materials to plastic wouldn’t make much of an economic impact on production and, therefore, sales price. If Apple’s intention is to break into the lower-end market, it might actually be planning to re-release the iPhone 4S with colorful plastic shells rather than introducing a brand new “cheaper” iPhone.

It makes sense that Apple should expand their phone offerings to occupy more display space. Take an average phone store for example. Let’s just say there are 8 Android phones and 2 iPhones on display. Now, I’m no retail guru, but I’d say it’s common sense that a product taking up 80% of the display space is more likely to sell than a product only occupying 20%. Sure, the iPhones are highly coveted, but Android phones with different shapes, sizes, specs, models, brands and prices are becoming more and more desirable…even to me. In terms of quality, Apple used to dominate completely, but the competition is catching up REALLY fast.

Also, several new premium Android phones are released per year by different manufacturers. We’ve only been getting one iPhone release per year (yes, boohoo, only 1 a year, but we’re in an age of tech frenzy here). This drives more excitement and attention towards Android phones as our hunger for new, bigger and better phones is satisfied by ANDROID, not Apple.

It wouldn’t be foreign of Apple to release at least one new line of iPhone. Just take a gander at the different iPod models they offer; there are four different lines with different shapes, sizes, colors and prices. Whilst your on the Apple website, notice the different laptop models they offer. You’ll find Macbook Airs and Macbook Pros with different screen sizes, specs and prices. So why not the iPhone?

We’ve all heard the cliche that “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” If Apple continues to release only one line of iPhone, it would be insane.