8 Ways To Go As Wireless As Possible

One of my missions in tech is to go as wireless as possible, because I really, really hate wires. They are unsightly, tangle, snag, get in the way, break, and are harmful to the environment if not properly discarded. So, I’ve compiled a list of ways you can start eliminating wired electronics by using their wireless counterparts. Some are too expensive to switch just for the sake of going wireless, but when the time comes for new tech, make sure to check out if there’s a wireless model.

1. Wireless mouse + keyboard


Logitech TK820 keyboard/trackpad

Wires eliminated: 2. There is no reason whatsoever to have a wired mouse or keyboard, unless you’re a serious gamer who can’t stand even a millisecond of lag. Even then, gamers can get wireless gaming mice. You can even get a 2-in-1 keyboard and trackpad, such as the Logitech TK820 to get rid of the mouse entirely.

2. Printers/Scanners


There are so many cheap wireless printers on the market, almost all manufacturers make them.

Wires eliminated: 1. Wireless printing is one of those things that doesn’t seem more practical than the wired way because you end up going to the printer anyway to pick up what you just printed. But a wireless printer’s benefits are numerous: you don’t have to carry your laptop to where its sitting, you can store and use it somewhere out of the way (close to a power outlet), you don’t need to unplug it to use with a different device, and you can use it with compatible mobile devices.

3. Use a 2-in-1 modem and Wi-Fi router.

CaptureWires eliminated: 2. You can get rid of your standalone Wi-Fi router’s power cord AND the ethernet cable that connects it to the modem. Not only do you get rid of two cables, you free up a spot on the power extender; a triple threat for the wired alternative.

4. Wireless Headphones


Klipsch Image One Bluetooth headphones

Wires eliminated: 1. Headphone wires are the inspiration behind my goal of a wireless life. Somehow, no matter what, they get in the way or snag on anything and everything. It gets expensive for decent Bluetooth sound, but the technology is improving and getting cheaper. If you can get Klipsch’s Image One Bluetooth headphones under $150, do it. Otherwise, check out Parrot’s pricey, but exquisite Zik headphones. Another con to consider is that Bluetooth sound often lags behind video, so their not the best for watching movies or shows. But, for this blogger, the sheer lack of wires more than makes up for this.

5. Chromecast


Chromecast is about the size of a large USB flash drive.

Wires eliminated: 1-2.¬† For the ultimate in wireless media streaming to TV, Chromecast trumps all. It connects right into one of your TV’s HDMI slots, eliminating the need for an HDMI cable. You can power the Chromecast either by traditional power outlet, or through one of your TV’s USB slots (if it has one). Unfortunately for those deep in the Apple ecosystem, the only realistic solution is Apple TV, which is great but actually adds a power cable, an HMDI cable, and optional audio wires.

6. Wireless Hard Drive


Apple Time Capsule

Wires eliminated: None…But you don’t need to bring a laptop to where it is, and you can connect multiple devices to it without unplugging anything. You’ll still need a power cord, and a data transfer cable between the hard drive and the wi-fi router.

7. Wireless Phone Chargers

Screen Shot 2014-02-01 at 3.53.28 PM

Wireless charger for Nexus 5

Wires eliminated: None. The wireless charging base is connected to a power source by cable, so it’s technically not wireless, but at least you have the option of keeping the wire hidden. While you’re not getting rid of any cables, it does prevent them from being visible, strewn across floors and desks. Some phones are built with wireless charging capability, such as the some Nokia phones and the Nexus 5. iPhones would need a special case or adapter, which might not be ideal for some.

8. Wireless Speakers

Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 1.34.06 PM

Sonos wireless home theatre speakers

Wires eliminated: 1. Audiophiles with outrageous audio rigs will probably want to remain wired, but you can find wireless speakers that produce some serious sound. They range form portable speakers that only need a cable to charge, to 5.1 surround sound setups that cut out half the wires you would normal use.

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