CES 2014 Diary: Day 1 – Cancelled Flight

US media call Winter Storm Ion an “arctic blast,” the BBC went with the scientific “polar vortex.” I call it a bitch.

Today, polar vortex Ion (sounds cooler) forced airlines to ground thousands of flights across the country, including my Vegas flight for CES 2014. I thought I’d dramatically take off in the nick of time, but nature wouldn’t have it. At the end of the day, I only lose 1 full day as I continue my journey early Wednesday morning.

At CES, I’m geared to check out 4K, curved screen and OLED TVs, along with health/fitness devices, wearable tech, home tech and car tech. Any weather control tech would be nice, too.

Meanwhile, I’ll make the most of it by actually going outside during this vortex. It better be damn cold. Also, I’ll receive the Fitbit Flex my girlfriend got me for Christmas (which was due to arrive just after I leave for Vegas). I’m pretty sure she’s telling me I’m fat.