CES 2014 Diary: Day 2

Refusing to let Santa’s polar farts get between me and CES, I took a brutally early flight to Vegas this morning. But oh is it worth it.

First of all, McCarran Airport is actually a casino with an airport attached. There were slot machines in my face as soon as I got off the plane.

I had plans of showering and regaining myself as soon as I got to my hotel, but was told that I was too early to check in. I took this as a sign, and off I went to see what CES had in store for me.

My first CES stop was the Venetian. Having absolutely no idea of where I was going, I followed some people with CES badges…turns out they were going to the car garage. So I followed another group of badge wearing geeks and finally found the Sands Showroom where I encountered a sea of foreign companies, showing everything from wires to Google Glass knockoffs. It became apparent that I was in the Asian section.

I found a small corner of the showroom dedicated to us westerners, and things started to look up. I would say that I saw about 2% of CES so far, and I’ve seen affordable mega gaming computers (want) to self-driving cars (ultra want). It turns out that no amount of planning can prepare you for this absurd event of tech glory; thou shalt be distracted. I will compile a post with the cool stuff I saw in due time, but networking calls, especially with the limited time that I’m here!