Cheaper iPhone? Why?

Cheaper iPhone?…Isn’t that what an iPhone 4 is?

It’s for the “low end market” you say? $0 for a 4 and $99 for a 4S.

Some reports I’ve seen claim it will be built from cheaper materials, such as polycarbonate plastic. Many also believe that it will use leftover components from previous iPhones in a similar way that the iPad Mini frankensteins the iPad 2. I’m not sure why anyone would buy what sounds like a plastic iPhone 4(S) when the real ones are so cheap already. Even if they used 3GS components for cheapness, who would want an iPhone that runs iOS 6 really, really slowly?

The more I think about it, the less I see Apple  making an intentionally “low-end” product like the competition does (eg: Lumia 920 vs 820). All their iPhones have been “premium” as standard; none were actively designed to be lesser/suck which some phone makers do for the low-end market.  It can be argued that there are “premium” iPhone models; Apple does so by adding and S at the end of it. But I still don’t think the intention was to market an “S” phone as the premium model; it is announced and released separately as newer and better. So, in essence, each release is entirely different even if it is an “S” and looks exactly the same as the previous release. I wouldn’t say the older iPhones are  “low-end” now; they were all built with the intention of being the best. And my iPhone 4 is still working like a champ. But they do have a low-end price tag, so why build and release a whole new “low-end iPhone?” Maybe so it can be sold independently from contract for pay-as-you-go users? Not entirely convinced.

I call BS. If these rumors are true, then I call a WTF??