Google Maps is BACK

Let me start off with these screenshots from my iPhone whilst keeping in mind the address in the search bar and that I live in NYC.

Google Maps - what is expected

Google Maps – what is expected

Apple Maps - wtf??

Apple Maps – wtf??













This is one of those instances when a picture speaks a thousand words. I am so relieved to have Google Maps back; feels like the pre-iOS 6 days where you could rely on the map and search results.

HOWEVER, it is not quite as ying/yang as that. No matter how much I dislike Apple Maps, which is a lot, I want to be fair. The Apple Maps is the default map app on the iPhone and I’m not immediately seeing any way of changing that to Google Maps. This means that if you were to tap on a link of a physical address someone sent you by text or email, Apple Maps will be used. To take the Google Maps screenshot above, I couldn’t tap on the physical address link; I had to type the address into the search bar. This is a huge shame since that Google Maps feature was really great and efficient; it saved time and frustration from switching to the maps app and remembering the address etc. Yet, with Apple Maps, you tap on the physical address link expecting to save time and app switching whilst thinking “oooh, this is so handy!” Instead, I’m taken to one of the millions of 125 West 58th Streets in the USA. Why choose that one, Apple? What is so special in Lubbock, Texas? It doesn’t even LOOK like Lubbock has 58 streets in the whole town/hamlet/abandoned ghost village.

This new Google Maps app looks a little bit different to the one we’re used to, and it doesn’t seem to run quite as smoothly as before on my slightly ageing iPhone 4. But all the essentials are there and in their right place and it won’t take a minute to get used to it. I can get search results based on my location rather than results based on this: