iPhone 5 Rumors vs Reality TODAY

The leaked photos of the iPhone 5’s “new design” have been extremely underwhelming.  Its supposed rectangular design, no matter how two-tone and unibody it might be, is antiquated by tech standards and looks like what the 4S was to the 4; a hardware upgrade. I think it might be an overkill to call it a “revolutionary new design.” But Apple knows they can say and do whatever they want and the ultra-loyalists will consume their tripe and form a somewhat orderly line outside the store a la depression era.

We already know what iOS6 holds for us, Apple has had details on its site for ages. Not bad, nothing spectacular, except for their own Maps app which looks pretty cool. And maybe the Passport app.

Looks like the revolutionary tree that Apple has been growing on might be reaching its peak height. I hope the rumors about the design are false. If not, I hope it’s just a phase and they come back (maybe after the 5S?) with the innovation we know they are capable of. Let’s see what happens at today’s event!