More iOS 7 Leaks and Rumors Wanted!

Most of the iRumor Mill concerns itself with what components and new looks the next iPhone will don. These days, however, I am more concerned with what the new iOS has in store. The reason for this is that Apple has already figured ou the iPhone’s form. Whether it be conscious or subconscious, it’s really iOS that most people love about the iPhone. Even though it still works beautifully, the current iOS 6 is becoming a little stale and old by tech standards. The app badges and alerts are dated and I could never get used to using the pull-down notification center.

I would actually prefer real life details rather than rumors. Yet, for iOS7, barely any rumors even exist; we are mostly restricted to wishlists and concepts that don’t mean squat. Indeed, rumors don’t really mean squat either, but they are more closely related to what the company will release rather than what people want. To be fair, there’s no telling what a new iOS could look like and do. It’s probably much harder to get leaks for a new iOS than an iPhone design.

It can be suggested that a new iOS could present us with new ways of interacting with apps. But that’s as far as I’ll go with rumors for now, otherwise this starts looking like a wishlist. Apple does respond to what the competition releases. For example, they responded to popular demand of bigger screen size with the iPhone 5. Apple must also realize that UIs are becoming far more interactive; such as Android’s customizable UI and Windows Phone 8′s live tiles.

Apple really doesn’t need to change the over-arching design of the iPhone. Quite rightly, they’ve been tinkering with materials, screen size and components which present incremental yet powerful upgrades on an already loved design (loved by millions and millions in fact). I wouldn’t be surprised if the next generation of iPhones simply take from the iPad Mini’s design; super slim, perhaps a wider border to border screen and lightweight. This is hardly innovative, but you KNOW it would look good…I’d have it.