Samsung Galaxy S4 Revealed TODAY! Will Eye-Tracking Rumors Meet Reality?

If we’ve hung out in the last few days, you know I’m pretty excited about the Galaxy S4. My internet scouring efforts have revealed some leaked hi-res images and some potential specs.


IF this is it, and it’s still an IF, we’re not seeing much of a design change from the S3. But honestly, smartphone design can only go so far and basically requires a rectangular shape, at least until flexible screens become a realistic possibility. Photo:

These days, it’s software features that differentiates the weak from the strong and I’m excited to see what Samsung has done with this fact. Eye tracking seems to be one of the most prominent rumors out there. If this is true, Samsung might be encouraging us to use our eyes to control the device rather than using our filthy, oily, unworthy fingers on the purported 4.99 inch 1080p screen. Sounds cool, really cool, but it could reduce battery life from a whole day to about 7 minutes. If this rumor meets reality, however, Samsung could be revolutionizing how we use our devices in the future with eye tracking technology. Possibilities are endless for text input, scrolling, opening and using apps, I could go on and on. We’ll have to wait till tonight at 7pm EST during the Samsung event┬áto get the real details. You’ll be able to watch the event streaming live from Samsung’s YouTube channel.