The Tabtop Revolution

I am really liking these hybrid tabtops/laplets that are emerging. Namely those that have keyboard covers/docks like the HP TouchPad 2, Lenovo ThinkPad 2. I really wouldn’t be surprised if these hybrids become a new norm to replace the traditional laptops, at least for Windows hardware. The only thing that is limiting the growth of these hybrids is getting higher performance laptop components to fit into the tablet part itself. But, as technology continues to improve at blistering speed, it will happen. All the important stuff that runs the computer will be in the tablet portion and the keyboard will merely be a dock that could potentially carry extra battery, RAM, disk space, ports (USB and friends), graphics card, pretty much anything to give the tablet portion extra juice when you want it to be a laptop (for work and games, too!). It’s just that, right now, the components available at a reasonable price point for tablets aren’t yet powerful enough to allow tabtops to replace laptops. Imagine a Surface Pro but for $500 instead of the ridiculous $899 they are asking for it now (ridiculous because you might as well buy an Ultrabook for that price).

Many seem to lament this potential laptop revolution with headlines like “Surface Pro: Overpriced tablet, half an Ultrabook, or yet another Tablet PC?”(1) Why “yet” another Tablet PC? Everyone’s about the Ultrabooks because they’re light and powerful. But one day, you’ll be able to detach the screen from the keyboard on one of these Ultrabooks and use it as a tablet. And what’s that called? A hybrid! A tablet PC!

(1) Ars Technica article headline